Go Tweet Yourself In NYC

Snap it. Tweet it. Hash it. See it. Love it and Repeat!

Sweet little Marsha, Marsha Marsha sure does love herself doesn’t she? Marsha, of course being the human breed and their somewhat compulsive desire to view themselves.

A great advertising campaign engages an audience. And, that’s super news because it just so happens that vanity is uncontrollably and somewhat not-so-inconspicuously spewing from the pores of humanity these days….so the combo, as you can imagine, must be brilliant.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America, along with Out-of-Home media companies, have recently launched a campaign showing the effectiveness of OOH advertising and its direct relationship to social media. And the best part is it’s super easy and very popular these days. It’s called, taking a picture of yourself and showing it to the world.  You just snap a photo and tweet it using the hash-tag #EveryWhereUR. The hash-tag will then filter the pics and censor them for appropriate content. And, the best part is Your picture may then appear in a photo reel on a digital billboard in Times Square.

Ah, and it doesn’t stop there peeps. The billboard images are also going to be captured by cameras and sent back to the sender’s Twitter account. Won’t that be cool. Then they can Facebook it and re-Tweet it and Email it and take a picture of the picture of it……. so they can always have their own special little picture of themselves on a humungous bad ass billboard in Times Square. Now that’s some good fun.

Ah, me, myself and I. The favorite subject of so many. Just the thought of viewing, even for a split second, the picture of oneself on a jumbo screen in Times Square would be like…ugh, for lack of better words an orgasmic treat. Bet it gets some good results.

“Through this campaign, we hope social media users enjoy seeing themselves in the bright lights of Times Square, and we hope advertisers see the effectiveness and versatility of America’s OOH network.” – Nancy Fletcher, OAAA president and CEO

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