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The Billboard Consortium is a media and marketing agency specializing in outdoor, out-of-home and place-based advertising. With over three decades of combined client-side and provider-side experience, The Billboard Consortium excels at developing unique solutions for advertisers and media operators alike. Ready to take your outdoor and OOH media efforts to the next level? Let’s get started!

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Our team of media specialists are laser-focused on delivering the best options for our clients. With our proprietary tools for evaluating, quantifying and executing media plans, our clients are guaranteed complete end-to-end satisfaction for their investment.

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Our rolodex of key contacts in 200+ media companies, both large and small, allows us to generate more options to best meet our clients’ objectives.


We handle all aspects from rate negotiations to contracting to creative design; see how our expertise can help take your message to the masses.


From inception to completion, we constantly monitor each campaign in order to provide our clients with in-depth performance, ROI and impact analysis.

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